Quiz time: Ways

Quiz time: Ways

Published in The Pulse

Test your knowledge with this daily quiz, brought to you by the People's Agenda project:

What two directional plans did the City Plan replace when city council adopted it in December?

  1. The Way We Grow and The Way We Move
  2. The Way We Move and The Way We Live
  3. The Way We Live and The Way We Green
  4. The Way We Green and The Way We Finance
  5. The Way We Finance and The Way We Prosper

See Thursday's issue of The Pulse for the answer.

The answer to the April 27 quiz was e — Vivian Manasc, a member of SHEInnovates Alberta and co-founder of Reimagine, will speak at April 29th's listening session on planning.

The next People's Agenda listening session will be on the topic of infrastructure and city-building. Join us online at noon on April 29.

Photo by Mack Male