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Rapper Mouraine poses in profile with his eyes closed. He is wearing a simple black T-shirt and his hair is braided.
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Rapper Mouraine reps north Edmonton on debut album

Northside rapper Mouraine is sharing love for his hometown — especially his corner of it — on his debut album, In Search of Gold.

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A still from Times & Galaxy depicts the character-building screen. There are three different robots in the centre-right, and fields for name, pronouns, model type, and colours on the left.
technology arts

Ex-reporter creates journalism-themed sci-fi video game

An Edmonton-based journalist-turned-developer is getting ready to release a new video game that draws on his experience as a reporter.

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Kello Inclusive model Emmy walks with a mobility aid backstage at Toronto Kids Fashion Week. Behind are her other child models dressed in black.
business arts

Kello Inclusive seeks to amplify social impact at Inventures

An Edmonton-based talent agency for people with disabilities is hoping to raise its growing profile even further by participating in an international pitch competition later this spring.

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A host is surrounded by two couches full of three improvisers each on the Rapid Fire Theatre Exchange stage. In the background, a sign that reads "Play the Game!"
arts theatre

Rapid Fire Theatre warms up new home with Bonfire

Now that Rapid Fire Theatre has settled into its new home in Old Strathcona, it's getting ready to welcome audiences to its first festival in the space.

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Dan Taylor takes a self-portrait in front of a mirror, wearing a pale blue button-down shirt, blue pants with white pinstripes, and clean Adidas sneakers
community arts

Ex-pastor Dan Taylor finds new way to serve calling

Dan Taylor's decision to retire from Christian ministry wasn't about a crisis of faith or a personal scandal, despite the way leaving this kind of position often goes. Rather, it was about the job not matching his personal mission.

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The Talus Dome in front of a blue sky
city council arts

Talus Dome has an escape hatch after all

It may not have been necessary to damage the Talus Dome in order to extricate a man who got himself stuck inside the piece of public art.

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The white-and-yellow facade of CO*LAB from across the street, under a sky of pink-flecked clouds
arts downtown

CO*LAB seeks funds to cover pandemic shortfall

After cancelling the 2023 edition of its flagship event due to financial woes, CO*LAB is looking to catch up on debt in order to move forward.

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Newspaper clippings showing a picture of Bill Wilson in a suit and tie, standing in front of the Garneau Theatre, beside a story about his retirement
history architecture

A moment in history: March 29, 1971

On this day 52 years ago, credits rolled on the career of Bill Wilson, the longtime manager of the Garneau Theatre, which plays a big role in Edmonton's cinematic and architectural history.

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A female singer clad in bedazzled white western wear makes finger guns at the audience from the stage at 9910.
arts business

Moonlighting in cover bands helps musicians make ends meet

For musician Clint Frazier and his collaborators, cover shows like Twain Gretzky Overdrive are a way to achieve the ends of both art and commerce. They'll do it again on April 6 with YO ABBA ABBA!, a tribute to Swedish disco icons ABBA.

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