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A photo of a city sidewalk with snow cleared from most of it and a portion left unshovelled
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Calgary outdigs Edmonton in accessing funds to help seniors shovel

As a fresh dump of snow blankets the city, an advocacy group says Edmonton is not doing as well as Calgary at helping low-income seniors access $1,300 per household in provincial funds to help pay for snow removal and similar services.

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A painted bike lane alongside a road in winter.
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Edmonton's slow progress on $100M bike infrastructure commitment scrutinized

Edmonton has announced the first 10 projects as part of its $100 million investment in active transportation infrastructure. But while this news is positive, the overall project's slow progress deserves scrutiny, hosts said in Episode 252 of Speaking Municipally.

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An infill building and an older building in Edmonton.
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On the agenda: Success metrics, green builds, mental health

City council continues to meet in a hybrid setting to discuss the City Plan, higher energy efficiency standards, and mental health statistics.

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The John Fry Sports Pavilion is pictured, showing its awning that has the title "Sports Park" written on it.
city council business

On the agenda: OP12, George Spady, six rezonings

This week, council meets virtually to discuss many items that were postponed in the wake of the attack on city hall in late January.

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A building in the Jasper Place area of Edmonton.
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George Spady looks to relocate detox program to Jasper Place

The George Spady Society is working to relocate its medically-supported detox program from its current downtown location to a building beside the Jasper Place Transit Centre.

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A man in a blue sweater and blue jeans is sitting in a wheelchair as he speaks to a woman with blonde hair, wearing a blue blazer
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How one advocate pushes docuseries to next level

CBC Gem's PUSH is set to return for a second season on Jan. 14 and Zachary Weeks has worked behind the scenes to ensure all the marketing for the docuseries is at the forefront for digital accessibility. It's a detail that's often overlooked, he said, but something that's part of his larger work to "move the needle" on accessibility in Edmonton.

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A photo collage of six pictures, in order: A person stands in a blue T-shirt that reads "Deeleeo"; two people stand looking at the camera with their hands in their pockets; an Edmonton Police Service cruiser parked on a downtown street; a crowd listens to a speaker at an event at the Advanced Technology Centre; a person rides a bike past a building with a sign that says "CO*LAB"; two people stand beneath a sign that reads "Vietnamese submarine".
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Year in review: Police, proteins, packages

In 2023, Taproot reported on several stories that continued to evolve after we published them. Here are some updates.

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An interior photo of Edmonton's Food Bank that shows shelves containing canned goods. A sign reads "Please DO NOT rearrange the baby formula. Thank you."
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Five ways to give what's needed this holiday season

Our neighbours are struggling in ways we have not seen in a long time. This includes organizations that work to help those most in need. People who hope to offer help, whether large or small, can often feel overwhelmed by the number of agencies they can donate to, or can struggle to understand what is needed most. Taproot has assembled a quick guide to five organizations that need specific things this holiday season.

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A group of roughly 20 people sit on stairs looking at the camera.
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FentaGone creates needle that tests overdose risk

Edmonton startup FentaGone has developed a syringe that detects fentanyl and allows a user to test their drugs wherever they take them to avoid an overdose.

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