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A large outdoor crowd gathered under holiday lights in an outdoor square.
business city council

Jasper Place builds 'symbiotic' community-business relationship

A business association in Edmonton is testing whether building belonging can be good for both the community and the bottom line with a new micro-grant program that focuses on community resources, transforming existing assets, creating events, and launching pilot projects.

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A smiling man wearing safety glasses operates a tool that breaks down plastic for recycling.
technology business

Student with two startups among winners at ASTech Awards

A University of Alberta student who has co-founded two startups — one that decentralizes plastics recycling and another that uses AI to better understand the shape of wounds — was among the recipients of this year's ASTech Awards.

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Four people stand in front of an Edmonton Global banner, beside Celero's logo on a screen
health region

Celero Global announces Edmonton as HQ during Life Sciences Week

A Singapore-based company that cuts costs for small- and medium-sized biotech firms is setting up its North American headquarters in Edmonton.

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Six smiling people stand against a brick wall; among them are Brennan Walters of Theragraph and Jacqueline Sartor of Pfizer holding an envelope with a cheque in it
health technology

Theragraph gets boost to make patient data easier to analyze

A young Edmonton startup has received a $250,000 grant from Pfizer Canada to test a product that compresses years of patient history into a more digestible visualization.

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A screenshot of the PHOENIX tool showing various cities and counties in Michigan, colour-coded according to the prevalence of hypertension.
health technology

Darkhorse Analytics helps U.S. project visualize public health data

An Edmonton analytics company has partnered with a Michigan university to produce a comparative visualized database to equip policymakers and service providers with actionable insights to improve public health.

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A woman smiles at another person outside of a storefront decorated with balloons, with a sign for Knowsy Fest on the door
health transit

Listening project to gauge sense of well-being at transit centres

An unorthodox research initiative called Auricle is returning to Edmonton this year to learn more about how safe and well people feel in transit centres.

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Six smiling people in business attire stand in front of a screen that reads "Ciba Health"
health region

Ciba Health picks Edmonton for Canadian headquarters

An American virtual healthcare service is basing its Canadian operations in Edmonton, citing the city's strong health-innovation ecosystem.

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Alberta Innovates CEO Laura Kilcrease and Kello Inclusive's Katie MacMillan hold a giant cheque for $10,000 at the Inventures conference in Calgary.
business technology

Three Edmonton companies win big at Inventures

Kello Inclusive, UpRow, and Nyah Health won pitch competitions held during the Inventures conference in Calgary.

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Two women wearing lanyards stand beside True Angle's booth at a trade show, displaying the Mobili-T device
health technology

True Angle's pivot to clinician market paid off, says CEO

After changing its business model, product, and customer base, True Angle is now in a better place to grow and expand, says the Edmonton health-tech company's CEO.

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