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Row housing in Blatchford.
city council budget

On the agenda: Capital budget, Blatchford, police audit

This week, council will discuss the capital budget, a police audit, and the one councillor's proposal to consider selling land at Blatchford.

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Knives for sale inside a retail display, with a note attached to the glass reading "PLEASE CLOSE KNIFE DISPLAY WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED GRABBING PRODUCT"
city council engagement

Calls for public engagement: Knife sales, Wagner Road, St. Albert mobility

Here are opportunities to help shape municipal decision-making about public safety, street safety, mobility, and more. Please only complete surveys if you are part of the target audience or a resident of the affected municipality.

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Four people sit behind a table with podcasting equipment.
podcast city council

Homelessness is a feature, not bug, of Canada's housing system, researcher says

Homelessness is an expected outcome of the country's housing system, according to the research lead at a University of Alberta housing lab.

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Screenshot of an online meeting room that mostly includes young people, plus several city councillors
engagement city council

Calls for public engagement: Youth council, La Perle, Lymburn

Here are opportunities to help inform civic politics, including applying for Edmonton's youth council or commenting on rezoning applications for affordable housing in La Perle and Lymburn.

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An architectural rendering of a multi-family housing development.
city council housing

New city team aims to accelerate housing construction

The City of Edmonton has established a housing action team with the goal of scaling up investment in affordable housing and accelerating construction.

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Proposed districts in the City of Edmonton's district policy.
city council planning

On the agenda: District planning, Horse Hill, Belvedere

This week, Edmonton's city council will hear from the public on district planning, and debate rezoning applications.

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A rendering of a possible built form for a rezoning in the Windsor Park neighbourhood.
city council planning

Lack of clarity in district plans could erode trust, councillors say

As a public hearing approaches for a new policy that is meant to shape the development of the city as its population grows, some city councillors are worried the proposed plans could erode trust between Edmontonians and council.

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Entrance sign for Castle Downs Park, with icons indicating the park's amenities, including a skating rink, picnic tables, and sports fields
city council engagement

Calls for public engagement: Castle Downs Park, Blue Quill, Belmont

Here are opportunities to help shape municipal planning on several issues, including planning for a Sturgeon County development, surplus school sites in some Edmonton neighbourhoods, and the future of Castle Downs Park.

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An excavator digs through the remnants of a building that has burned down
history city council

Hangar 11 loss called a crucial moment for Edmonton architecture

Dan Rose swore as he watched the flames destroy Hangar 11 on April 22. "I was like, 'For Christ's sakes, we just can't catch a break,'" he told Taproot.

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