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A photo of a city sidewalk with snow cleared from most of it and a portion left unshovelled
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Calgary outdigs Edmonton in accessing funds to help seniors shovel

As a fresh dump of snow blankets the city, an advocacy group says Edmonton is not doing as well as Calgary at helping low-income seniors access $1,300 per household in provincial funds to help pay for snow removal and similar services.

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A painted bike lane alongside a road in winter.
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Edmonton's slow progress on $100M bike infrastructure commitment scrutinized

Edmonton has announced the first 10 projects as part of its $100 million investment in active transportation infrastructure. But while this news is positive, the overall project's slow progress deserves scrutiny, hosts said in Episode 252 of Speaking Municipally.

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An infill building and an older building in Edmonton.
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On the agenda: Success metrics, green builds, mental health

City council continues to meet in a hybrid setting to discuss the City Plan, higher energy efficiency standards, and mental health statistics.

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A bird's-eye view of a large park, including a body of water, meandering paths, and an event centre
city council region

Calls for public engagement: Elections, parks, urban farming

Here are opportunities to help inform city planning about elections, the Northeast River Valley Park, and urban farming.

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People gather in a public square at night during winter.
city council public space

Public space bylaws can't fix what community can, advocates say

As council sends the proposed public spaces bylaw back to the drawing board, the city as a whole needs more patience with community-based solutions that don't require enforcement to change social disorder, advocates said on Episode 251 of Speaking Municipally.

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The John Fry Sports Pavilion is pictured, showing its awning that has the title "Sports Park" written on it.
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On the agenda: OP12, George Spady, six rezonings

This week, council meets virtually to discuss many items that were postponed in the wake of the attack on city hall in late January.

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A person rides a bike on a shared-use path in Edmonton.
city council active transportation

Ten routes mark first bike projects from $100M investment

More than a year after Edmonton's city council voted to invest $100 million to build active transportation infrastructure, the city has announced 10 routes spanning 17 kilometres that it will build in 2024 as part of the project.

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View from the middle of a quiet Edmonton bike lane, with the street lined with mid-sized apartments and trees entering fall colours
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Calls for public engagement: 76 Ave. renewal, active transportation

Here are opportunities to help inform city planning, including the active transportation network, transit and recreation centre services, and the renewal of an important collector street in Ritchie and King Edward Park.

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A photo of Jasper Avenue when it was opened for people and closed for vehicles during an event in 2019. People walk where usually cars and speed dominate
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Walkability optimists meet critical podcasters

Two advocates pushing council to better pedestrianize Edmonton's downtown offered optimism on "mushy middle" achievements, despite pessimism from the hosts of Episode 250 of Speaking Municipally.

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