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Newspaper clippings showing a picture of Bill Wilson in a suit and tie, standing in front of the Garneau Theatre, beside a story about his retirement
history architecture

A moment in history: March 29, 1971

On this day 52 years ago, credits rolled on the career of Bill Wilson, the longtime manager of the Garneau Theatre, which plays a big role in Edmonton's cinematic and architectural history.

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A newspaper clipping of an aerial view of downtown with the caption "Heart of Edmonton as envisioned in $107,000,000 civic centre proposal"
history downtown

A moment in history: March 22, 1962

On this day 61 years ago, a New York company was pitching a massive development plan with promises of revitalizing Edmonton's downtown core.

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Newspaper clippings of a story headlined "Cheery Chums Hold Colorful Banquet in Honor of St. Patrick" and ads for a masquerade dance, shamrocks, and green carnations
history holidays

A moment in history: March 15, 1929

On this day 94 years ago, Edmontonians were all set to cheerfully celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

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Two newspaper clippings, one headlined "Bus drivers may vote on city's offer" and the other headlined "Snowballs, abuse hurled at nurses"
history labour

A moment in history: March 8, 1982

On this day 41 years ago, picket lines stood across Edmonton as nurses and transit workers took part in two separate strikes.

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A newspaper clipping with a headline reading "Grandstand Addition Project Begins At Northlands Park"
history northlands

A moment in history: March 1, 1965

On this day 58 years ago, construction was starting on a major expansion to the Northlands Park horse track.

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A newspaper clipping with the headline "New Releases by Haas, Sveen"
history music

A moment in history: Feb. 22, 1972

On this day 51 years ago, Edmonton polka master Gaby Haas was releasing an album, another addition to a discography that would make him one of Canada's most recorded musicians.

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A newspaper clipping with the headline "Popularity of Rat Farms Is Not Yet Sure: No Licenses Issued, Though 500 Applications Received"
history agriculture

A moment in history: Feb. 15, 1928

On this day 95 years ago, hundreds of Albertans were angling to find their fortunes in the province's burgeoning muskrat industry.

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Taking Care: Alumni Stories About Life in the Original Residences and Lister Hall, 1911-2020, on a bookshelf surrounded by other books of Canadiana
history education

New book documents residence life at the University of Alberta

A chance meeting at an alumni event that Ellen Schoeck almost skipped led to a series of books about the University of Alberta, the latest of which has just been published.

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A newspaper clipping with the headline "AUTOS HIT STREET CARS: Many Collisions Reported Sunday"
history transit

A moment in history: Feb. 8, 1926

On this day 97 years ago, Edmonton's transit system was dealing with the aftermath of three separate collisions between cars and streetcars.

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