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A newspaper clipping that reads "Recruiting problem at Camsell denied"
history indigenous

A moment in history: June 12, 1971

On this day in 1971, officials at the Charles Camsell Hospital were denying news reports that the institution was struggling to recruit new medical staff.

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A picture of a multi-storey building from a newspaper clipping. The headline reads: "A modern plant for a modern paper"
history architecture

A moment in history: June 5, 1920

On this day in 1920, the construction of a new home for the Edmonton Journal was underway.

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A newspaper clipping that reads, "Urges stop to confectioners, cafe licenses"
history food

A moment in history: May 29, 1934

On this day in 1934, some concerned citizens were calling for Edmonton to have fewer candy stores.

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An excavator digs through the remnants of a building that has burned down
history city council

Hangar 11 loss called a crucial moment for Edmonton architecture

Dan Rose swore as he watched the flames destroy Hangar 11 on April 22. "I was like, 'For Christ's sakes, we just can't catch a break,'" he told Taproot.

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A newspaper clipping of pictures of a woman diving headfirst into a pool and a young man jumping in to the water, under the headline "Chill Winds Fail To Deter Edmonton Swimmers As Pools Open"
history pools

A moment in history: May 22, 1950

On this day in 1950, Edmontonians weren't letting the cold keep them from the city's outdoor pools.

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Hands that appear to belong to an older woman point to the phrase "Circle of Friends" with several dot stickers under it.
city council homelessness

On the agenda: Homelessness, renaming, and Ride Transit

This week, council committees will discuss an updated plan to end homelessness, recommendations from the city's naming committee, and a growing budget shortfall for the Ride Transit program.

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A newspaper clipping of an advertisement for McDougall & Secord, offering "$40,000 Worth of New Goods"
history downtown

A moment in history: May 15, 1899

On this day in 1899, one of Edmonton's most enduring and influential businesses was advertising its wares.

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A newspaper clipping that reads, "Hardstone Brick Company of Edmonton, Limited"
history business

A moment in history: May 8, 1912

On this day in 1912, the Hardstone Brick Company was pumping out bricks that would help build the city.

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Two men stand by the paddles of the Edmonton Riverboat.
business technology

Meet the new owners of the Edmonton Riverboat

Rob Davy and Eric Warnke met in the early 2000s as teenagers working at Nexopia. Nearly a quarter-century later, the two serial entrepreneurs are the new owners of the Edmonton Riverboat.

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