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Six men in suits stand smiling around an architectural rendering of a new drug manufacturing facility
health region

Drug-manufacturing facility seen as catalyst for pharma development

The $80.5 million in federal money going into the Edmonton-based Canadian Critical Drug Initiative will do more than secure a domestic supply of crucial medications and support the commercialization of new drug discoveries, says the head of Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation (API).

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Gail Powley speaks before a crowded room inside the Advanced Technology Centre, a building made of glass, grey concrete and red steel.
business region

Edmonton Research Park businesses encouraged by city moves

Leaders of some of the organizations based at Edmonton Research Park are cautiously optimistic about the city's plans for the facility after extensive consultations and a proposal to seek ongoing input.

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A bar chart showing how capital funding to municipalities under the Local Government Fiscal Framework is less than the 12-year average of previous funding regimes
region infrastructure

Budget falls short on infrastructure deficit, municipalities say

While Alberta's 2023 budget upped spending significantly, it leaves municipalities with a lingering infrastructure deficit that won't be erased by the incoming fiscal framework, says Alberta Municipalities.

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A man wearing a mask holds up a large piece of square material made of recycled plastic
business waste

[Re] Waste gets traction solving plastic problems for companies

A plastic-recycling startup created in its founder's garage during the pandemic has gained enough traction to contemplate expansion across Canada by 2024.

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A map of the proposed boundaries for ridings surrounding Edmonton
region elections

Regional concerns heeded in redrawing of electoral boundaries

The commission in charge of redistributing federal electoral districts in Alberta has changed its mind about the way it groups municipalities in the region around Edmonton.

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Mark Lea-Wilson stands at a podium at the Matrix Hotel in front of a slide that reads "The world has chosen a path."
region business

Hydrogen Summit seeks to ignite concrete action

Five companies representing complementary aspects of the developing hydrogen economy will bring the 2023 Hydrogen Summit to a forward-looking close on Feb. 7.

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Machines in a factory
region business

Airport-based facility to boost production of compostable straws

Plant Plus, which produces compostable straws using a novel plant-fibre polymer, is planning to boost production thanks to an upgraded facility in the Edmonton region.

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A series of data visualizations overlaid on a map of the Edmonton region, with boxes forecasting hydrogen demand
region business

RUNWITHIT Synthetics forecasts hydrogen's effect on Edmonton region

As hydrogen becomes an increasingly important part of the Edmonton region's economy and its net-zero ambitions, RUNWITHIT Synthetics (RWI) has created a way for stakeholders to envision the implications of such development.

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Seven men wearing suits in front of a PrairiesCan banner and Canadian flag
region business

Feds inject $9.74M into Edmonton region's hydrogen economy

Edmonton's growing hydrogen economy has received another boost with the announcement of more than $9.74 million in funding through PrairiesCan to strengthen the region's hydrogen supply chain, increase access to refuelling equipment, and upgrade testing facilities.

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