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Knives for sale inside a retail display, with a note attached to the glass reading "PLEASE CLOSE KNIFE DISPLAY WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED GRABBING PRODUCT"
city council engagement

Calls for public engagement: Knife sales, Wagner Road, St. Albert mobility

Here are opportunities to help shape municipal decision-making about public safety, street safety, mobility, and more. Please only complete surveys if you are part of the target audience or a resident of the affected municipality.

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A tractor in a dry-looking field.
region food

Rain improves drought outlook in Edmonton region

A rainy and cool May has made a "tremendous improvement" to drought conditions across the Edmonton region, but experts warn that a dry month could quickly reverse that progress.

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Entrance sign for Castle Downs Park, with icons indicating the park's amenities, including a skating rink, picnic tables, and sports fields
city council engagement

Calls for public engagement: Castle Downs Park, Blue Quill, Belmont

Here are opportunities to help shape municipal planning on several issues, including planning for a Sturgeon County development, surplus school sites in some Edmonton neighbourhoods, and the future of Castle Downs Park.

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A photo of a multifamily house construction site.
region business

Bill 20 offers power to accelerate housing through property tax breaks

While Bill 20 has drawn heat for changes to local governance and elections in Alberta, it also contains measures that will for the first time allow municipalities to offer property-tax breaks or deferments for up to 15 years on all residential properties.

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A vacant lot with a concrete barrier set up around it, viewed from the far side of the street
engagement region

Calls for public engagement: Rezoning on 99 Street, aging in Strathcona County

Here are opportunities to provide feedback to municipal planners about street safety in Brander Gardens, a proposed rezoning on 99 Street, north of Whyte Avenue, and healthy aging in Strathcona County.

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A person in a suit stands in profile at a podium with other people in suits in the background.
business region

Hydrogen convention to bring world to region

Delegates to the third annual Canadian Hydrogen Convention, which runs from April 23 to 25 at the Edmonton Convention Centre, include officials from Romania, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, and even Andrzej Duda, the president of Poland.

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A group of K-6 children entering a marked crosswalk in front of a school
engagement region

Calls for public engagement: Glenwood, Brander Gardens

Here are opportunities to inform city planning about neighbourhood and alley renewals in Glenwood and street safety in Brander Gardens.

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An aerial view of the intersection between Rice Howard Way and 100A Street, facing west down Rice Howard Way past Scotia Place
engagement region

Calls for public engagement: downtown entertainment, Meyonohk, wetlands

Here are opportunities to help shape the City of Edmonton's plans to establish an entertainment district and renew the Meyonohk area, plus a chance to contribute to discussions on Alberta's wetlands.

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A photo of an old newspaper. The headline reads, "Early Pioneer of Edmonton Is Dead"
history region

A moment in history: April 3, 1922

On this day in 1922, the funeral for one member of an Edmonton mining power couple was being planned.

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