Launch Party was a pivotal moment for DrugBank

Launch Party was a pivotal moment for DrugBank

· The Pulse

A message from Startup Edmonton:

"In preparation for Edmonton Startup Week 2021, we spoke with DrugBank CEO Michael Wilson about his experience launching a company during the week's festivities. Like many founders, the opportunity to participate in Launch Party was a pivotal moment in DrugBank's origin story."

DrugBank launched (as OMx) at Launch Party 5 in 2014. Today, the company offers the world's largest online database of drug and drug target information.

"We look forward to Startup Week every year!" Wilson said. "It's part of our origin story and coming back each year to see new companies launching, meeting new people, and learning a ton is why we have a countdown in our calendars."

"It helps us remember where we came from and how grateful we are to events like Startup Week that help companies get the footing they need."

Read the full interview here.

Ten new companies are launching on Thursday, Oct. 21 at Launch Party 12. RSVP now!