· The Pulse
  • The City of Edmonton announced a Phase 2 parking ban effective at midnight on Nov. 30 to allow crews to groom and sand residential streets after freezing rain and fluctuating temperatures created icy conditions. It is the first time a Phase 2 parking ban has been called since the policy was created last year.
  • Advocates are asking the Edmonton Public School Board to recognize significant religious and cultural holidays, such as Yom Kippur and Diwali, by aligning scheduled days off with those dates. The board will vote on the 2022-2023 academic calendar on Nov. 30.
  • The Community Investment Operating Grant program, which provides about 300 annual grants to Edmonton social programs and sports groups, is not currently funded in the 2022 budget. The $3.8-million program was initially slated to be cut in the 2021 budget, but was granted a one-time funding adjustment from the reduced Edmonton Police Service budget. Community groups are concerned that the termination of the program will seriously restrict their operations.
  • Residents are frustrated with the absence of signage along the new bike lane on 88th Avenue between 109th and 110th streets, resulting in cars parking on the raised lane. The city has said that temporary no-parking signs will be installed on Nov. 30, but has not indicated when permanent signage will be installed.