Catch up with Speaking Municipally

Catch up with Speaking Municipally

· The Pulse

In case you missed it over the holiday break, our municipal affairs podcast dropped two episodes to inform and delight you heading into 2022.

Hosts Troy Pavlek and Mack Male wrapped up the budget in Episode 161. Come for the poetic beginning; stay for the explanation of how this city council landed on a 1.91% tax levy increase, with an in-depth look at what precisely happened with the police budget.

For something more on the fun side (though pretty educational in its way), don't forget the annual Jeopardy episode, this time with former mayors Don Iveson, Tara Veer, and Naheed Nenshi displaying their knowledge of Alberta municipalities.

Subscribe to the podcast if you haven't already done so to get new episodes delivered to you on your favourite app. Coming up soon is a very special episode with Coun. Andrew Knack temporarily taking Troy's place at the microphone.