Coming up at council: May 16-20, 2022

Coming up at council: May 16-20, 2022

Community and public services committee is scheduled to meet on May 16, with executive committee on May 18. There is also a utility committee meeting on May 20. Here are some of the key items on the agenda:

Here are some of the other notable agenda items:

  • A report on the status of the Traffic Safety Automated Enforcement Reserve (TSAER) will be provided to executive committee, because revenue has sharply declined due to changes to the provincial enforcement guidelines and other factors, such as fewer speeding violations. It is expected that the reserve will end 2022 with a deficit of $9.1 million, meaning TSAER wouldn't be able to fund the city's Safe Mobility Strategy initiatives for 2023 to 2026 nor would it be able to provide the current $22.3 million annual funding to Edmonton police.
  • Administration has prepared a report that outlines the current approach to community recreation facility planning and how this planning is being enhanced at the local and district level. The community and public services committee will also hear an update on the work and funding strategy for the Rollie Mills Recreation Centre.
  • Executive committee will consider recommending a bylaw that would see Hangar 11, which was built in 1942 by the United States Army Air Force, designated a municipal historic resource.
  • Utility committee will receive an update on how EPCOR is "modernizing its design standards to reflect its customers' declining water consumption and sanitary generation patterns." Water use is declining in part due to more efficient fixtures and appliances, and the trend is expected to continue.

There is also a non-regular audit committee meeting on May 18. Meetings are streamed live on city council's YouTube channel.

Photo credit: Mack Male/Flickr