RWI Synthetics named a finalist for sustainable mobility challenge

RWI Synthetics has been named a top 10 finalist for the international Why stop at zero? sustainable mobility challenge by Airbus Defence and Space and the World Economic Forum.

The competition has brought together more than 2,000 international companies with innovative ideas to accomplish net-zero and beyond targets.

"We will be modelling it all to accelerate impactful innovation adoption – calculating the impact of choices around technology, energy, infrastructure, policy from a human-centric, economic and activity perspective," wrote CEO and co-founder Myrna Bittner on LinkedIn when she announced the news.

RWI Synthetics is using artificial intelligence to offer a look at the future of cities around the world, according to a recent profile by Global News. That involves creating a geospatially accurate model of a city, plus the activity and people inside of it.

"We're like (the computer game) SimCity, backed with artificial intelligence, but for real," Bittner told the news outlet. "It's about being able to create the data people need today to make the most optimal decision."

The winners of the sustainable mobility challenge will be announced at the IAA MOBILITY conference in Munich, happening Sept. 7-12, 2021.

Myrna Bittner

Myrna Bittner is the founder and CEO of RWI Synthetics. (Supplied)

RWI Synthetics was recently selected as one of 10 international companies to pitch to NATO Space Awareness virtually in Lisbon. The company pitched 'Synthetic Space' - an environment for mitigating satellite-connected system vulnerabilities and their human impact risk calculations for sustainable, secure, resilient futures.

The company was also declared the "Most Edmonton Startup of the Year" at the first-ever YEG Startup Community Awards earlier this year.