Villeneuve Airport to get new $2.2M waterline

Villeneuve Airport is set to be equipped with a new $2.2 million waterline that will bring water from the hamlet to the neighbouring airport. The provincial government, Sturgeon County, and Edmonton Airports announced the news during a joint press conference on July 22.

"Water, sewer, and communications infrastructure ... are the basic needs of a business. The waterline will provide more reliable access to water, reduce costs, and eliminate the need for truck transport," said a news release from Sturgeon County.

"A dedicated water supply will also allow for the airport to expand and attract new investments. For existing tenants, a reliable water source provides them the opportunity to better plan and expand their own business. Currently, an average of 465 m3 of water per month is trucked into the Villeneuve Airport reservoir to meet current needs."

The funding for the waterline is from the provincial government's Municipal Stimulus Program.

Edmonton Airports considers Villeneuve Airport to be the "premier general aviation airport and flight training facility" in the Edmonton region, according to its strategic plan. As it aims to leverage Villeneuve Airport as an "economic development and diversification center," a reliable source of water is a step towards that goal.

"The Villeneuve airport has already proven itself to be a valuable asset by attracting investment, and supporting the growth of innovative companies within our Edmonton Metropolitan Region," Edmonton Global CEO Malcolm Bruce told Taproot. "The aerospace sector is experiencing a lot of growth globally and this investment will allow these companies to continue to expand, while also attracting further investment into the region."

Villeneuve Airport

Construction on the waterline is set to begin immediately, between the end of July and October. (Courtesy of Villeneuve Airport)

Sturgeon County will work with Edmonton Airports to operate the Villeneuve Airport water and sewer network system, it confirmed in the news release.

Construction on the waterline is set to occur between the end of July and October, along the north side of Highway 633 to Range Road 270. It is not expected to impact traffic along Highway 44 or airport access.