AltaML's Nicole Janssen honoured as a top female entrepreneur

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Nicole Janssen is being recognized as a leading female entrepreneur provincially, and across the country, for her work as co-CEO of AltaML. Janssen has been named a finalist for the 2021 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards in the Start-Up Award category, and is also a finalist for an Alberta Women Entrepreneurs Award in the Emerging Entrepreneur Award category.

"AI is disruptive, and it is hugely important for women to be at the table and to be making decisions about how these technologies are to be developed and used," Janssen said in a news release.

"I am passionate about what we are building at AltaML and within its family of companies, and how together we are driving change through responsible AI adoption. Our growth has required that I progressively let go of things that I have been accustomed to leading, and it is very rewarding to see the team execute so well on the vision to be a billion dollar AI company, from right here in Canada."

RBC's Start-Up Award honours a female entrepreneur that has been successful in building a profitable business over three to five years of operation. Janssen is one of three regional finalists in the category, representing the Western region. And the AWE award recognizes a female entrepreneur who has built a strong, scalable business foundation and has achieved early success.

AltaML co-CEO Nicole Janssen

Nicole Janssen oversees the growth of AltaML's business, which spans multiple sectors including agriculture, financial services, health, and energy. (Facebook/University of Alberta School of Business Alumni)

Janssen said the recognition will help AltaML raise its profile on a national level, and also serves to highlight the growing maturity of Edmonton's and Alberta's tech ecosystems. Moving forward, the company will continue to prioritize building an environment that provides opportunities for women in all roles.

"As co-CEO, I am intentional about fostering an environment that encourages work-life balance, as I know that I can only bring my best self to the office when my personal and family commitments are taken care of. I do this for my own well-being, and also to shape the workplace culture," she told Taproot.

AltaML offers employees the option to work from home, the office, or a mix of both; and flexible working hours. Janssen said this flexibility is particularly beneficial to women, and will extend beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prior to leading the team at AltaML, Janssen co-founded Janalta Interactive Inc., an online media company, as well as Stratus Holdings Inc., a private real estate investment firm. She also currently serves on the board of directors of Innovate Edmonton.

The AWE awards will be presented on Oct. 5, and the RBC awards gala is on Nov. 17.