Ten Edmonton companies to pitch products, solutions at Launch Party 12

Edmonton Startup Week's annual Launch Party is back for its 12th year, with 10 up-and-coming startups set to share their plans with the local innovation community.

"Innovation is a team game," said Innovate Edmonton CEO Catherine Warren.

"With the local connectivity, support, and exposure that companies receive during Startup Week, they have a strategic advantage — and a platform for sustainable growth. Successful startups spark job creation, investment stimulation, and Edmonton's economic diversification."

The flagship event kicks off at 7pm on Oct. 21. Here's a look at the featured companies:

  • Agriolabs Technologies Inc. makes compact stackable home gardens that turn unused space into convenient sources of fresh veggies.
  • Air Trail helps regional airlines save time and money by replacing traditional paperwork with its suite of automated tools.
  • Areto Labs helps to make digital communities more positive and inclusive by building apps and bots that post culture-building messages and prompts.
  • Browse AI lets you train a robot to scrape any website in two minutes with no code, essentially turning any website into an API.
  • Elev helps students get matched with ideal homes, including signing the lease and paying rent through its app.
  • Fly & Fetch is a modern shipping company that provides cheaper, faster, and friendlier shipping rates by hiring travellers to transport packages.
  • HRing is an app that shortens hiring time, reduces cost to hire, and allows companies to make more informed hiring decisions through video introductions.
  • Luuze helps people lose weight sustainably like its founder, Andrew Luu, did when he lost 100 pounds.
  • (Re)Waste helps businesses divert plastic from landfills and transforms it into 100% recycled plastic products.
  • Zipstall is an app that's bringing a new strategy to the parking industry.
An array of logos from the 10 companies featured at Launch Party 12

These 10 companies will be highlighted at Launch Party 12 on Oct. 21. (Supplied)

This year's selection committee was made up of Startup Edmonton's Nathan Ip (who also sought re-election as a public school board trustee on Monday), Allie Knull of ResumeFree, and Tim Kwok of Panache Ventures.

According to a news release from Innovate Edmonton, 100% of the companies that have launched during Edmonton Startup Week in the past three years are still thriving.

It also highlighted other Launch Party alumni, including Poppy Barley, DrugBank, and Taproot — which launched at Launch Party 7 in 2016 and is this year's media sponsor.

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