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Industrial equipment in a large, concrete-floored room, consisting of large tanks connected with pipes, with a conveyor connected to one of them
business st. albert

Regenx to extract precious metals from catalytic converters in Tennessee

A former mining company based in St. Albert has secured $2.1 million in financing to continue its pivot toward recovering precious metals from catalytic converters in the U.S.

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A man holds a tray of Evans cherries, purple beans, yellow cherry tomatoes, a cucumber, and a green pepper. An owl ornament and tomato plants are beside him.
food gardening

Seeds for Seniors seeks help from Edmonton gardeners

With Edmonton's low-income seniors struggling with rising food costs, a local group is in search of volunteers to support its community gardens.

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A smiling Jason Acker with lab equipment behind him
health technology

University spinoff saves preserved cells from ice damage

A startup based in Edmonton and Ottawa is pioneering a new class of chemical additives to prevent living cells from being damaged during cryopreservation.

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A man wearing a mask holds up a large piece of square material made of recycled plastic
business waste

[Re] Waste gets traction solving plastic problems for companies

A plastic-recycling startup created in its founder's garage during the pandemic has gained enough traction to contemplate expansion across Canada by 2024.

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A chart showing a trend up and to the right indicating that the more times a waterworks systems runs a test for bacteria, the more positive results it will get
technology business

Water-testing startup finds its flow

Named for a Farsi word meaning "bright," Edmonton's Roshan Water Solutions is commercializing a novel water-testing technology that its founders hope will save lives.

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Erik Brisson and Amshu Gongal in front of a screen showing the Plug and Play Alberta stage
technology region

Element 4 offers battery-less power for industrial IoT

A Sherwood Park startup is pioneering a device that harnesses ambient energy — from vibrations, radio frequencies, solar, and other sources — to power the Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT).

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Jolene Ali in a lab coat, with a piece of stainless steel machinery behind her, beside two closeups of gelatinous cubes
health technology

Gummy startup offers sweet alternatives to pills and tablets

If you've ever let bottles of vitamins languish in your medicine cabinet, you've probably switched to gummies — Edmonton startup Gummy Nutrition Lab is banking on it.

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