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Mack is on a mission to change the world through code and prose. He co-founded Taproot Publishing Inc. in 2016 and has been covering Edmonton city council for more than a decade.

A dedicated community builder, Mack has earned numerous awards and distinctions including being named a "Top 40 Under 40" by Avenue Edmonton Magazine and one of "Alberta's Next 10 Most Influential People" by Alberta Venture Magazine.

Recent work by Mack

City Hall's pyramid against a blue sky
city council

Six weeks until city council's summer break

Not much of the business before city council this week will be discussed in public, but a number of interesting items are coming up before the summer break, including an adjustment to the capital budget and a delayed discussion of the police funding formula.

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A render of the new Warehouse Park
city council downtown

On the agenda: Indigenous Framework, Warehouse Park, and more

This week, a public hearing will take place on May 30. Community and public services committee will meet on May 31, urban planning committee will meet on June 1, and executive committee will meet on June 2.

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The historic Crawford Block building
city council budget

On the agenda: Day shelters, OP12 update, and rooftop bar

This week, a public hearing will take place on May 15 and city council will meet on May 16. Council will discuss potential agreements for day shelters, an update on the OP12 budget amendment, and a rooftop bar on the historic Crawford Block.

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The round and mirrored Energy Centre One building in Blatchford surrounded by green grass
city council

On the agenda: Blatchford energy, 2022 audits, and municipal resolutions

This week, the emergency advisory committee will hold a special meeting on May 8 to discuss the fire situation around the city. The audit committee will meet later that morning, and the performance evaluation committee for the city manager and city auditor will meet in the afternoon. The utility committee will meet on May 9, council services committee will meet in the morning on May 10, and a non-regular city council meeting will take place in the afternoon on May 10.

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Geese in front of the pond surrounded by trees at Hawrelak Park
city council housing

On the agenda: Homelessness response, trees, and investment performance

This week, community and public services committee will meet on May 1, urban planning committee will meet on May 2, and executive committee will meet on May 3.

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An artist rendering of a proposed development in McKernan-Belgravia
city council development

On the agenda: Land development, property tax bylaw, and a transit-oriented building

This week, a public hearing will take place on April 24 and city council will meet on April 25. A non-regular city council meeting has been scheduled for April 28, but no agenda has been published.

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The Talus Dome in front of a blue sky
city council arts

Talus Dome has an escape hatch after all

It may not have been necessary to damage the Talus Dome in order to extricate a man who got himself stuck inside the piece of public art.

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An Edmonton Police Service cruiser in front of the Edmonton Police Headquarters building
city council police

On the agenda: Budget adjustments, police accountability, and encampment response

City council will discuss the 2023 spring supplemental operating budget adjustment, recommendations from the Edmonton Police Commission to enhance reporting and accountability, and an enhanced encampment response plan.

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The words "Hey, are you okay?" surrounding a man in front of a dark background
city council transit

Podcast questions timing of bystander-awareness campaign for transit

The City of Edmonton launched its One Strong Voice bystander awareness campaign for transit on April 5, but "it didn't really hit the mark," says Episode 215 of Speaking Municipally.

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