Taproot is committed to building what comes next in local news. We help communities understand themselves better through curation and curiosity. We connect local people and organizations to the information about their community they need to make good, informed decisions, and we do that in a trustworthy, time-saving way.

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We offer three options for sponsors and advertisers: Title Sponsorship, Cultivator Sponsorship, and Advertiser.

Cost Best if:
Title $7,500/year + GST
  • Your organization wants to make it possible for the community to be informed on an ongoing basis about a topic that is important to you.
  • You are seeking brand awareness.
Cultivator $1,200/year + GST
  • Your organization wants to contribute to an effort to inform the community on an ongoing basis about a topic that is important to you.
  • You are seeking brand awareness.
Advertiser $100 per edition + GST
  • You are looking to drive ticket sales for an event.
  • You are looking for direct response for a product or service.


Roundup Logo & Link Content Block in Footer Taproot Website Logo & Link Social Media Mention Discount Code for Membership Call to Action with Image & Link
Title In the header Every post 10% off first year
Cultivator In the sponsor block One post 10% off first year
Advertiser Optional

Creative Requirements

You’ll provide: It might look like:
  • Logo (png, at least 400px wide)
  • Link
  • Messaging for custom block
Title Sponsor
  • Logo (png or jpg, square dimensions, at least 400x400px)
  • Link
Cultivator Sponsor
  • Image or photo (png or jpg, square dimensions, at least 400x400px)
  • Text (max 50 words)
  • Link


  • The latest edition of each roundup is available on our website.
  • Our current publishing schedule, as of January 2020, is:
    • Monday: Media
    • Tuesday: Food, Tech
    • Wednesday: Health Innovation, Region
    • Thursday: Arts
    • Friday: Business, Council
  • Each roundup publishes weekly, producing at least 48 editions per year.
  • Each roundup is shared on Taproot Edmonton’s Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn feeds about 24 hours after it is sent to subscribers.
  • Our roundups regularly achieve higher open rates (~45%) and click rates (~15%) than the industry average. 
  • You may update your logo and/or link at any time (affects future editions only). 
  • Selection of roundup editions for advertisers is subject to availability.
  • Sponsors and advertisers have no control over the editorial content of the roundups, nor do they bear any responsibility for any errors.

Next Steps

If you’d like more information or are ready to become a sponsor, please get in touch! We look forward to working with you.

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