Podcast pick: The Read-Along

Podcast pick: The Read-Along

· The Pulse

The Read-Along is about to start a new book, and a local one at that, so this seems like a good time to draw attention to Edmonton's own "mini book club for your ears."

Hosts Anita and Scott C. Bourgeois take listeners "on a journey through a good book, one chapter at a time." You literally read along with them, contemplating a chapter every episode until the end, when they go into "full book club mode" and consider the novel as a whole. They also play "Cast That Movie," where they imagine who would play the characters if the book were made into a film.

They have delightful chemistry, thanks in part to the fact that they are married, but also because they both have a background in theatre and improv, and thus a sense for what makes for an entertaining listen. Scott has been podcasting since 2009, when he and Adam Rozenhart started The Unknown Studio. You can also hear him on I Have Some Notes, a movie podcast with Liam Creswick and Gregg Beever, on which Anita has made a couple of entertaining appearances.

This week, The Read-Along is starting a sci-fi horror adventure called Beneath the Rising by Edmonton's own Premee Mohamed. It is the ninth book the podcast has explored since launching in October of 2017, and the first local title.

Disclosure: The Read-Along is a member of the Alberta Podcast Network, which was founded by this recommendation's author.