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An aerial view of the Northeast River Valley Park, featuring two covered bridges connecting an island to the shores
city council parks

Podcast welcomes arrival of Northeast River Valley Park

Episode 222 of Speaking Municipally welcomed the newly announced Northeast River Valley Park and looked at how the land, which had been privately owned, came into the city's possession.

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Two women with clipboards stand in a pet store in front of a sign that reads "Share your feedback on the current pet bylaw"
city council pets

Festival not only celebrates cats but also helps them

To mark the return of the Edmonton International Cat Festival, Linda Hoang joined Episode 221 of Speaking Municipally to discuss all things cat-related.

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Two people sit in the street-level area of Edmonton Unlimited's new building, one holding a phone. There are large windows, green plants, and furnishings with pops of blue, yellow, and purple.
business technology

Edmonton Unlimited opens innovation headquarters

Edmonton Unlimited has opened its new headquarters downtown with a desire to welcome innovators and restore some vibrancy to the corner of Jasper Avenue and 101 Street. Catherine Warren stopped by Speaking Municipally to talk about it.

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The inside of Homestead Coworking's podcast vault, featuring green furniture, a table with microphones and chairs, a desk with another microphone, a coffee table, and black foam panelling on the walls
business downtown

Homestead Coworking opens podcast studio with perks

A downtown coworking space has opened a new "podcast vault," offering access to members and non-members alike.

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Chris Buyze, wearing an Edmonton Oilers jersey, holds a bouquet of pink and yellow flowers and stands beside a smiling Anand Pye
downtown business

Outgoing DECL president reflects on complexity of downtown safety

Safety issues downtown are multidimensional and need to be addressed with more than just a greater police presence, says Chris Buyze, the outgoing president of the Downtown Edmonton Community League.

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Many snow geese, who are nearly all-white aside from black wingtips, are seen in flight during the 2023 Snow Goose Festival
history podcast

Revived lake makes Snow Goose Festival possible again

Birders in the Edmonton area can watch the snow geese return to Beaverhill Lake instead of chasing around to catch a glimpse, now that the once-dry site of the Snow Goose Festival is wet again.

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A chart showing Edmonton's total crime rate per 100,000 people, with an 11.3% increase between 2021 and 2022 but levels that remain lower than 2016 to 2019
police podcast

Podcast questions presentation of police data

The Edmonton Police Service raised the alarm about an increase in violent crime based on newly released data for 2022, but Episode 218 of Speaking Municipally had questions about those numbers.

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Andre Corbould answers questions from a podium in front of the steps inside City Hall
city council budget

City manager reports progress on expense-trimming

The City of Edmonton's administration is well on its way to finding $60 million in spending cuts over the next four years, says city manager Andre Corbould.

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Danielle Soneff stands in a parking lot with skyscrapers behind her, while Isla Tanaka stands in a snowy community park
podcast winter

Downtown park presents chance to get winter-city design right

Warehouse Park offers Edmonton an opportunity to learn from the mistakes of the past when it comes to designing for winter, says an industrial designer who is studying how to make it inviting year-round.

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