Podcast pick: City Nestmaking

Podcast pick: City Nestmaking

· The Pulse

City Nestmaking was launched by Edmonton-based planner Beth Sanders in February to ask "Who do our cities need to be to serve us well?" and "Who do we need to be to serve our cities well?"

Sometimes she addresses these questions in conversation with citizens such as Soni Dasmohapotra or Jason Syvixay or Dustin Bajer. And sometimes the episodes feature her alone, addressing themes arising from a lifetime of experience, as in Episode 13: Eight Ways I Engage in City Life.

The podcast is a way to "navigate the complexity of city life, so we can better hear each other and make better cities for ourselves as a result," Sanders writes.

It also allows her to introduce and expand upon the ideas in her book, Nest City: How Citizens Serve Cities and Cities Serve Citizens. It has been shortlisted for the Robert Kroetsch City of Edmonton Book Prize alongside Like Run-Drunk Angels by Tyler Enfield and Taken by the Muse: On the Path to Becoming a Filmmaker by Anne Wheeler. Watch for that award to be announced this spring.