Podcast pick: The Get Started Show

Podcast pick: The Get Started Show

· The Pulse
By Karen Unland

Startup Edmonton has started The Get Started Show, billed as "a show where we talk about getting starting with people who got started."

Hosts Benjamin Truong and Daniel Kaszor take turns interviewing startup founders about themselves and their companies. In a nice twist on the usual interview format, they try out some Edmonton eats before diving into insights that are of use to others who are in startup shoes.

So far they've talked to a wide variety of founders, including Jasmine Wang of Copysmith (over bowls of Splash Poke), Vinson Luong of Food Search (with brunch from Szechuan Sweet Mango), and Katrina Ingram from Ethically Aligned AI (with goodies from Celebrate Gluten-Free).

Episodes come out every other Thursday, and they're typically about 20 minutes long, which is a good fit for a presumably busy audience of entrepreneurs. If you prefer to watch rather than just listen, the shows are also available on YouTube, which allows you to see the Edmonton snacks they're sampling and to appreciate the "social media deep dive," in which the host asks the guest to explain a photo from one of their feeds.