Podcast pick: Super Awesome Science Show

Podcast pick: Super Awesome Science Show

· The Pulse

The Super Awesome Science Show (SASS), an award-winning podcast hosted by Edmonton's Jason Tetro, has wrapped up its season-long look at the science behind the pandemic.

Tetro, also known as The Germ Guy, is a microbiologist who has written two books: The Germ Code and The Germ Files. On the podcast, he interviews scientists, researchers, doctors, authors, and professors to break down scientific concepts for a regular audience. He also answers listeners' questions about the concepts he has presented.

Season 1 covered a wide variety of topics, such as fear, bullying, stress, and lying. In Season 2, every episode focused on aspects of COVID-19, ending with an interview on the miracle of the mRNA vaccines.

Episodes are 15 to 30 minutes long and come out once a week during the season. The show won the 2019 Canadian Podcast Award for Outstanding Science and Medicine Series, and it is part of Curiouscast, Corus Entertainment's podcast network.

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