Podcast pick: Toastcaster Communication, Leadership & Learning Lab

Podcast pick: Toastcaster Communication, Leadership & Learning Lab

· The Pulse
By Andy Trussler

Greg Gazin, Troy Media columnist and tech fanatic, launched Toastcaster in 2006. In his 150th episode, he recalled what he called the hardest speech he will ever have to give — his wife's eulogy. The host shared the process and emotions behind putting words to losing Elaine Baram.

Following a two-month break, the newest episode talks about Gazin's journey to find a "new normal" in the wake of loss. The host's frank conversation about grief, loss, and readjustment is a poignant departure from his traditional format.

For over a decade, Toastcaster guided its listeners to "become better communicators, public speakers and leaders." Former guests taught subscribers about hosting Ted Talks, avoiding digital interview mistakes, and offered tools to navigate isolation, alongside conversations with dozens of industry experts.

Listeners can dive through episodes spanning 15 years on Toastcaster's Podbean page. Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts host the show, as well.

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