Podcast pick: The Inner Circle with Carrie Doll

Podcast pick: The Inner Circle with Carrie Doll

· The Pulse
By Andy Trussler

Podcaster and local personality Carrie Doll recently celebrated her 50th birthday with her inner circle of listeners and guests. In a special bonus episode, she shared 10 life lessons from her five decades on earth.

"This is 50!" provides Doll's perspective on the value of treating your body with respect, living with passion, practicing gratitude, and valuing time. These lessons are drawn from Doll's professional, personal, and emotional journeys.

Doll spent 20 years as a broadcast journalist, and though her news career ended in 2014, her love for interviews did not. When she isn't connecting people through stories, she chairs the Stollery Women's Network, sits on the board of the John Cameron Changing Lives Foundation, and was named one of Alberta's top 100 citizens.

The Inner Circle is a place for guests to share personal wins, anecdotes of success and failure, and primarily "the lessons they have learned along the way." Doll has unpacked the life journeys of Mark Wahlberg's former personal chef, paralympian Michelle Salt, senator and former journalist Paula Simons, and dozens of others with stories to share. Listeners with something to say can join Doll's Inner Circle and share insights, skills, and resources.

Tune into the podcast each week on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcast. Here's to 50, Carrie!

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