Podcast pick: Real Life Podcast

Podcast pick: Real Life Podcast

· The Pulse
By Andy Trussler

With the Oilers off to a shockingly strong start this season, you might want to listen to a little extra hockey talk these days. Oilersnation — the "home for Edmonton Oilers coverage, news, analysis, rumours and scores" — is happy to oblige with the Real Life Podcast, hosted by hardcore fans who go by such names as Wanye Gretz, The Squire, and Baggedmilk.

The show, which comes out several times a week during the season, talks "about everything ranging from sports to booze to hair plugs," but mostly, anything and everything connected to Oilers fandom. It emanates from The Nation Network, the sports platform that grew out of the original Oilersnation blog into a 15-website network.

Earlier this month, Playmaker bought The Nation Network and Daily Faceoff in a $15-million deal. In a departure from its traditional format, Real Life broke down the monumental transaction with "business dad" Chris LaBossiere of Altitude Investments.

You can find the Real Life Podcast under the name Nation Real Life on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and the show's site.

If you need even more Oilers chatter, you can also tune into Oilersnation Radio, which bills itself as "the world's greatest Edmonton Oilers podcast." And if you like the vibe but the Oilers aren't your team, the network has a bunch of other shows.

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