· The Pulse
By Mack Male and Doug Johnson

  • The city will resume snow clearing in Phase 2 residential areas on Monday, Jan. 10 following a pause in non-essential operations due to the extreme cold. The parking pan will take effect at 7am.
  • Edmonton police are investigating reports that unvaccinated people paid vulnerable people to get vaccinated so they could use their QR codes. One nurse said that they saw one patient who received seven doses of the vaccine in a single day, and had several patients say they were paid to get fraudulent shots.
  • Edmonton Public School Board trustees have published an open letter to the provincial government asking that schools be considered "high risk" settings in order to continue being notified of positive COVID-19 tests. Trustees also want better data and clearer metrics amid the spread of Omicron. Chair Trisha Estabrooks said she is expecting "a very turbulent time" due to increased staff absences.
  • The majority of Edmontonians are in favour of allowing alcohol consumption in public parks following last year's pilot. According to a poll by the city, 53% of respondents had a positive experience with the pilot, and only 12% had a negative experience.
  • Edmonton's Food Bank had a successful holiday season, and managed to raise $2 million and 250,000 kg of food to help those in need.
  • Dozens of Albertans have suffered from frostbite or falls on slick streets due to the extreme cold in the province. So far, there have been 15 cases of frostbite treated at the University of Alberta hospital, and emergency responders have been called to 95 falls.
  • The province will eliminate traffic courts and will instead email tickets to those who violate traffic laws. The change will deter Albertans from going to court to fight unfair fines, critics say.