Podcast pick: Healthy Lifestyle Design

Podcast pick: Healthy Lifestyle Design

· The Pulse
By Andy Trussler

The start of a new year brings its rituals: hanging up new calendars, misspelling the date by accident, and most importantly, considering New Year's resolutions, or at least reflecting on changes we might want to make.

Healthy Lifestyle Design is a show all about making that positive change in your life, for body, mind, and soul. Host Pamella Heikel and her mom Janet "share a passion for a healthy lifestyle" and enjoy talking about what has worked best for them and what they are still exploring. They have shared the perspective of their two generations with each other and their listeners for more than 150 episodes.

The mother-daughter duo has covered a number of timeless topics, such as fitness as you age, the value of time spent outside, and resistance to exercise fads. If fitness is not your bag — trust me, been there — Healthy Lifestyle Design covers the whole you, with episodes on panic versus anxiety, estrogen, seasonal affective disorder, and much more.

"I love the power in words, and the way in which we can deliver them," writes Pamella, who also co-hosts a podcast called Rebelle Mystics Radio. "Podcasts are where I get to collaborate with people I love, talking about, well LIFE."

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