Podcast pick: The 2nd Floor

Podcast pick: The 2nd Floor

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There's no way around it: Edmonton businesses have been having a rough time lately. Almost three years of restrictions, closures, and unpredictable revenue have impacted local entrepreneurs in a profound way. The 2nd Floor podcast is a show dedicated to sharing their successes and the difficulties they've overcome when it felt impossible to do so.

"We understand from personal experience how overwhelming it can be to focus on building your passion into something monetary while juggling other demands in life," hosts Omid Qaderi/Qashus and Kenny Bhullar say on the show's website. As they say in their tagline, it's all about "how to survive, how to thrive, and keep up the good vibes in life and business."

During his biology degree in 2014, Qaderi got into media to stave off boredom and keep creative. Notably, he started Q Filmz Media, a video production company where he has shot and edited over 500 videos. In 2018, Qaderi went on to work as a creative director with Magnolias Consulting Group.

Bhullar boasts over 10 years of sales experience, a degree in marketing, and a knack for "guest interaction, strategy building, and holistic marketing solutions for the podcast." He's also a purple belt in jiu-jitsu!

Some recent tales of entrepreneurial accomplishments feature YEGfitness Magazine's nominees for Edmonton's best community supporters, the founder and CEO of Evolve Strength, and a makeup artist/nail technician. What they have in common? Resilience amid adversity.

The 2nd Floor is a place for business owners and entrepreneurs to connect with the struggles and successes of others, with weekly episodes on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and the YouTube.

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