Podcast pick: Unleashed

Podcast pick: Unleashed

· The Pulse
By Karen Unland

Unleashed is a podcast featuring interviews with thought leaders and authors, "all in the name of helping you become the best leader you can be."

It's hosted by Jeff Tetz, CEO of Results, an Edmonton-based business consultancy. The podcast launched in April 2020 for the same reason so many others did during the pandemic — what else can you do to reach people if you can't see them in real life?

"When the events industry collapsed, and it looked like auditoriums were going to sit empty a little while longer, we had to figure out a new way to build community," Tetz says in a video promoting the show.

Since then, he has hosted 46 episodes, featuring such speakers as Drew Dudley, Amy Edmondson, and Annie Korver. Over time, the production values have gone up, with an assist from the crew at Road 55, Rob LeLacheur's content studio.

Season 5 ended on April 1 with Work is Overrated, a conversation with Stanford University's Bob Sutton. Season 6 is lined up for this fall, but first, Tetz has returned to the auditorium, with the Business Execution Summit happening this week, and coaching workshops lined up in May.

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