Coming up at council: May 9-13, 2022

Coming up at council: May 9-13, 2022

City council is scheduled to meet on May 9, with a continuation on May 11. There is also a city council public hearing on May 10. Here are some of the key items on the agenda this week:

  • City council will vote on a recommendation from the community and public services committee that administration provide a report on budget considerations to support ways to improve current snow and ice control as well as introduce new methods to improve service. Those new strategies include increasing the parking ban and sidewalk enforcement, clearing sidewalks for all seniors within 24 hours of a snow event, introducing a courtesy tow during parking bans, and more. Administration could also be asked to provide the amounts spent on contracted work for the last five winter seasons and the lifespan of current snow and ice control equipment.
  • Executive committee is recommending that council approach the property owner of the former St. Andrews School field site in Inglewood to negotiate the sale with funds from the city's municipal reserve accounts, which is in line with open space goals from Big City Moves in the City Plan. The purchase is seen as a way to expand Edmonton's green network, enhance existing open space, and achieve multiple outcomes associated with housing, recreation, and climate resilience.
  • A report on the current homelessness and encampment situation in the city and how administration plans to address it was pushed directly from community and public services committee to council without any specific recommendation. Councillors will hear about actions including expanded day shelter services and hours of operation at Bissell Centre, additional drug poisoning response teams in downtown and Chinatown, and increased access to public washrooms throughout Edmonton.

Here are some of the other notable agenda items:

Meetings are streamed live on city council's YouTube channel.

Photo credit: The City Room at City Hall Mack Male/Flickr