· The Pulse
  • More than 175,000 people visited the combined Edmonton International Street Performers Festival and the Works Art and Design Festival in Churchill Square this year. "We really could not have asked for anything better," said Amber Rooke, the executive artistic director of the Works Art and Design Festival. "We are overjoyed with the season we had this year."
  • The Edmonton Police Service said on July 15 that already in 2022 it has issued 350 violations for drivers exceeding the speed limit by 40 km/h or more, eclipsing 2021's full-year total of 252. "Needless to say, this driving behaviour increases the severity of collisions on our roadways, causing serious injuries and deaths that are completely preventable," said S/Sgt. James McLeod, with the EPS Traffic Enforcement Section.
  • Additional fences and cameras outside the Archdiocese of Edmonton are among the many security measures that will be in place for the Pope's visit from July 24-27. There will also be an increase in police presence. "We need people to respect the fencing, if there is road barriers in place for vehicles, we need people to respect those things as well," Edmonton Police Service Supt. Dean Hilton told Global News.
  • Church in the Vine, located at 12345 149 Street, and its pastor Tracy Fortin have been fined $80,000 for violating public health restrictions on March 7, March 14, and June 5 last year. "These were deliberate and intentional acts," Judge Shelagh Creagh said in a written decision.
  • The Edmonton Riverboat set sail on July 16 for the first time in three years. "It was wonderful to see the river valley again," said Jay Esterer, the ship's owner. "It was wonderful, also, to see the smiling faces of all the people on board that got to go on that first cruise." The boat was severely damaged by ice in 2020 and required about half a million dollars in repairs, and Esterer used the opportunity to spend an additional $1 million in upgrades. "I have too much into it right now emotionally and financially to cut it up into pieces and throw it away."