Coming up at council: Sept. 12-16, 2022

Coming up at council: Sept. 12-16, 2022

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City council meets on Monday this week, with a public hearing on Tuesday. There's a non-regular city council meeting on Wednesday for a private discussion about the operating budget.

Council was due to receive reports on a revised funding formula for the Edmonton Police Service and a jurisdictional scan on police funding, but those have now been rescheduled to Oct. 3.

Key items on the agenda include:

  • Bylaw 20117, ready for second and third reading, would reduce the number of single-use items used and discarded in Edmonton by banning plastic shopping bags, making customers request any single-use foodware accessories, banning Styrofoam serviceware, and compelling restaurants to serve dine-in drink orders in reusable cups while also allowing customers to use their own reusable drink cups.
  • Council will pick up last week's discussion of the Edmonton Metropolitan Transit Service Commission phase one service plan, which executive committee requisitioned without a recommendation. Slated to begin in April 2023, the plan would require an investment of at least $7.2 million from the City of Edmonton.
  • Council will also discuss the plan to sell the naming rights for the Clareview Community Recreation Centre to Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities, which community and public services committee requisitioned without a recommendation.
  • A rezoning application would allow for two seven-storey residential buildings in McKernan at 114 Street NW and 78 Avenue NW with up to 142 residential units and an open space plaza connecting residents to the LRT station.

Here are some of the other new agenda items:

  • Council will consider hosting an Emergency Advisory Committee meeting on Nov. 1 after the committee's annual meeting originally scheduled for Aug. 30 was cancelled.
  • An amendment to the Councillors' Budget and Expenses policy would increase the amount that the chair can approve from $1,000 per expenditure to $1,500.
  • Bylaw 20210 would increase the city's borrowing authority for the new transit bus garage project for electric and diesel buses by $6 million to $51 million.
  • Charter Bylaw 20223 would allow for an eight-storey mixed-use building in Strathcona at 90 Avenue and 99 Street, with ground floor commercial uses along 99 Street and 65 residential units.
  • Residential infill proposals will be considered at public hearing for West Jasper Place, Hazeldean, Parkallen, Canora, and High Park.
  • Bylaw 20233 would amend the Eaux Claires neighbourhood structure plan to create more space for low density residential by reducing the size of a park by half. Administration supports the proposal because it also includes a redesigned stormwater management facility that "would create the opportunity for programmable park space."

Meetings are streamed live on city council's YouTube channel.

Photo: The transit oriented development proposed for McKernan was originally two four-storey towers, but the new application bumps that up to seven storeys. (Supplied)