Three city councillors find themselves in Jeopardy

Three city councillors find themselves in Jeopardy

· The Pulse

Test your knowledge of Edmonton trivia alongside Coun. Michael Janz of papastew, Coun. Ashley Salvador of Métis, and Coun. Anne Stevenson of O-day'min in Speaking Municipally's annual Jeopardy episode.

Here's a sample of the questions-in-the-form-of-an-answer assembled by quizmaster Troy Pavlek:

  • "The meetings, deals, and backroom dealing that went into opening a downtown building in September 2016 are documented in this book by Jay Scherer."
  • "Maybe this municipality was a champion of regional transit when they signed on in 2018, but they pulled out before us, making them only a champion of dog food."
  • "Until 2013, IATA told us we could use these three letters to refer to Blatchford."
  • "We don't want to stump you on a clue about this YouTuber who has a one-handed cooking show that has been running for over six years."
  • "The outer one — Anthony Henday — has just a single name, but Edmonton's inner ring road is composed of these five roads."

The episode was recorded just after council concluded its deliberations on the 2023-2026 budgets, so you'll also hear the councillors' thoughts on that, including some spiciness around whether Edmonton's decision not to contribute $13 million to the Edmonton Metropolitan Transit Service Commission does indeed mean the "death of regionalism."

Hear their takes, get the answers to the above-mentioned questions, and see if you can run the board on the Dec. 23 episode of Taproot's civic affairs podcast, which will resume its regular episodes after council returns from its winter break later this month.