On the agenda: Recruitment

On the agenda: Recruitment

· The Pulse

This week, executive committee will meet on March 6 and urban planning committee will meet on March 7.

There are no public agenda items scheduled for either meeting. Instead, committee members will continue recruitment activities for a variety of boards and committees, including the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, the Edmonton Design Committee, the Edmonton Transit Service Advisory Board, and the Energy Transition Climate Resilience Committee, among others.

The city began recruitment for about 45 open positions across 15 civic boards in December. Council is expected to make appointments in April for terms beginning May 1.

Also this week, the city manager and city auditor performance evaluation committee will meet on March 10 to receive a private consultant update.

Photo: The city's Naming Committee is among the bodies that council's urban planning committee is recruiting members for. (Mack Male/Flickr)