Headlines: July 24, 2023

· The Pulse
  • The Russian Heritage Cultural Development Association has sent a letter to the Alberta Human Rights Commission calling the Edmonton Heritage Festival's decision to exclude it from the event a "potential violation of the Alberta Human Rights Act." The letter cites sections 3.1 and 4 of the Alberta Human Rights Act, which address discriminating against someone due to their ancestry when publishing something or denying access to services and facilities available to the public.
  • Mayor Amarjeet Sohi spoke to Postmedia about the Black Friday tornado that killed 27 people in Edmonton on July 31, 1987. Sohi, who was a taxi driver at the time, said he didn't know what kind of an impact a tornado could have. "It was an experience you never thought you would go through," Sohi said. "It was unreal to see the devastation and what a weather event could do to your community."
  • An Edmonton senior who was attacked by a neighbour's dog last week said he is concerned about how long it took animal control officers to arrive. A spokesperson for the city said the owner of the dog, which has a "prior history of similar incidents," is now facing three fines as a result of the attack. The city encourages owners to "take responsibility" for their animals as Edmonton is "currently facing a substantial increase in complaints regarding dog attacks."
  • The Scotiabank Theatre in West Edmonton Mall is one of only four in Canada that has a 70-mm IMAX film projector, which makes it an especially appealing location to see Christopher Nolan's new film, Oppenheimer. "In the digital world, there's only 30 locations that can play it and we are one of them," said general manager Jeffrey Simmons. The last time the projector was used was back in 2017, for Nolan's film Dunkirk.
  • Twin brothers Brandon and Jared Vanderlinden will represent Alberta at the eighth World Dwarf Games in Cologne, Germany, later this month. The two, also known as the Dwarf Duo, were born with achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism. They'll compete in basketball, soccer, and table tennis. "It's an honour and it makes me feel part of the world," Brandon told CBC News. "I get to do something very special."