Projects aim to build belonging in Jasper Place

Projects aim to build belonging in Jasper Place

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Eleven community-building projects that will split nearly $50,000 in funding through the We Belong in Jasper Place initiative have been announced.

"A proposal review committee of local community members came together to assess the proposals," a release from the Stony Plain Road Business Association said. "The chosen projects all explore how we can strengthen the social infrastructure in west-central Edmonton through belonging."

The project was created in 2023 and is supported by the Stony Plain Road Business Association.

The 11 projects are spread across the district, which encompasses the Britannia Youngstown, Canora, Glenwood, and West Jasper Place neighbourhoods.

The High Park Community League aims to appoint "block captains" in its neighbourhood, and calls the project Playing with Blocks. Meanwhile, the North Glenora Community League has created what it calls the North Glenora Human Library, which will create a way to "check out" community members, library style, to meet and learn from them.

There are five projects in the heart of the district. Artist Allison Ochoa aims to create a spring festival. Freedom School of Dance will create scholarships. Jasper Place Community History will create community storytelling displays. The Red Road Healing Society will create an arts program for people receiving food support. And ch. cafeteria will offer jazz performances by Donald William Ross and friends.

In the centre-west part of Jasper Place, the Crestwood Community League will offer a Nordic walking program for seniors.

The other projects are the titular festival from International Festival of Winter Cinema Society of Alberta, Black History Month concerts by Garth Prince, and a series of block parties by Meadowlark Community League.

"We heard that boosting the community's sense of belonging would create a strong foundation for the community to build capacity to address broader issues," an engagement report by project partner Tilia Consulting reads. "We're focused on exploring the many different ways we can boost our community's sense of belonging — and create a more connected and welcoming Jasper Place District and beyond."

Photo: A $50,000 fund for fostering belonging in Jasper Place has now been disbursed to 11 projects. (Supplied/John Ellenberger)