Colin Gallant



Colin is a reporter for Taproot Edmonton. He studied journalism at Mount Royal University and has been an editor for publications including Avenue Calgary, BeatRoute Magazine and The Calgary Journal.

Colin is also the co-founder of a QTBIPOC advocacy group called Pink Flamingo. Each year, he writes and/or edits more than 200 band bios for Sled Island Music & Arts Festival. He has two dogs and loves riding his bicycle.

Recent work by Colin

A picture of a façade of a business called Marbles that displays its name, services, and phone number.
podcast police

Podcast litigates crime-prevention theory used to block Boyle Street's latest application

A decades-old theory that police have influenced in practice appears to be the latest mechanism employed to refuse a permit for Boyle Street Community Services's planned Mahihkan Kamik overdose-prevention site in Ritchie, guest Jack Farrell explained on Episode 267 of Speaking Municipally.

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The exterior of a restaurant with a sign that reads "Seoul Fried Chicken" is surrounded by a parking lot and a patio.
food business

Padmanadi and Seoul Fried Chicken tackle Calgary expansions differently

Beloved Edmonton restaurants Padmanadi and Seoul Fried Chicken expanded to Calgary last year. But while both continue to chase success in Alberta's largest city, each has done so using a different recipe.

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A smiling person holding a trophy descends from a stage. A partly visible screen in the background displays their company name: UpRow.
technology business

UpRow bags second Inventures win

UpRow, an Edmonton-based app marketplace that assists newcomers, won a pitch competition on May 31 at the Inventures conference by Alberta Innovates in Calgary. It's the second win for UpRow at Inventures in as many years.

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Two people holding notes in a coffee shop address an audience that is out of frame.
health community

Good Talk celebrates a year of structuring spaces to build community

The Good Talk Collective is set to celebrate a year of small events that explore what it means to be a leader and work to heal loneliness, disconnection, and division.

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A smiling person looks into the camera while tucking their hair behind their ear.
technology business

UpRow launches 2.0 as it eyes Inventures pitch and international expansion

Hot on the heels of investment successes, UpRow has launched the 2.0 version of its app marketplace that assists newcomers in the lead-up to its pitch at Inventures in Calgary and a trade mission to London.

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Two smiling people pose in a space filled with comic books and boxes.
business infrastructure

Variant Edition finds new Bat Cave after Stony Plain Road flood

Variant Edition has opened a new sanctum after catastrophic flooding at Revolution Square forced it and at least nine businesses to leave. Now the indie comic shop's owners are forging a future where the bricks-and-mortar store is just the origin story in a hero's arc.

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The word "ARTS" in block letters with images representing visual art, theatre, music, and coming together superimposed on the letters
city council arts

Podcasters wonder what makes a district

Following city council's decision to designate Rice Howard Way as a downtown entertainment district, news about two other districts in downtown Edmonton caught the attention of Episode 264 of Speaking Municipally.

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Seated people watch a speaker at a podium on a stage with signs reading "Upper Bound" and "Amii."
technology business

Amii aims for more "collisions" at Upper Bound

In an effort to increase cross-pollination at the Upper Bound artificial intelligence conference, the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute is encouraging a bit more intermingling of its streams.

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A cyclist pedals uphill in a road lane with bollards separating them from traffic.
city council transportation

Podcast considers slimmed-down streets, Edge Fund treats

The return of Edmonton's Summer Streets Program while e-scooters are absent is bittersweet in the estimation of Episode 263 of Speaking Municipally.

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