Colin Gallant



Colin is a reporter for Taproot Edmonton. He studied journalism at Mount Royal University and has been an editor for publications including Avenue Calgary, BeatRoute Magazine and The Calgary Journal.

Colin is also the co-founder of a QTBIPOC advocacy group called Pink Flamingo. Each year, he writes and/or edits more than 200 band bios for Sled Island Music & Arts Festival. He has two dogs and loves riding his bicycle.

Recent work by Colin

A bike lane is shown on a residential street lined with parked cars, trees and houses.
city council trees

City targets 2030 for two million new trees

The City of Edmonton says it will plant two million new trees by 2030, at a cost of about $114 million.

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Gail Powley speaks before a crowded room inside the Advanced Technology Centre, a building made of glass, grey concrete and red steel.
business region

Edmonton Research Park businesses encouraged by city moves

Leaders of some of the organizations based at Edmonton Research Park are cautiously optimistic about the city's plans for the facility after extensive consultations and a proposal to seek ongoing input.

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A view inside a Ribeye Butcher Shop, with a smash-burger menu up front, a drawing on the far wall showing where the cuts of meat come from, and a display of meat and deli items
food business

Butcher shops multiply to meet consumer demand

Edmonton is seeing a bit of a boom in butcher shops, capturing a growing desire among consumers for local, high-quality meat, say both a newcomer to the local scene and a veteran.

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Screen grab of the EDGI map showing a menu, bubbles indicating listings, and a map of Edmonton
technology business

EDGI maps Edmonton's innovation ecosystem

Edmonton Unlimited has created a visual database of the Edmonton region's innovation ecosystem to help expand the understanding of what innovation is and inform future decisions.

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A crowd of people in a theatre listens to two people onstage beside a screen reading Pecha Kucha Night 9
events city council

Edmonton's NextGen reaches the end of the road

Edmonton's NextGen is dissolving this spring due to a lack of new blood flowing into the organization, going out with a "farewell tour" that includes one last PechaKucha Night.

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Two women sit in upholstered chairs, reading magazines, while surrounded by equipment for a video shoot
business arts

Maggie aims to help more women practice being themselves

The founders of Maggie are looking to create an online platform to empower women around the world, using the same practice they've developed in Edmonton to help themselves.

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A bar chart showing how capital funding to municipalities under the Local Government Fiscal Framework is less than the 12-year average of previous funding regimes
region infrastructure

Budget falls short on infrastructure deficit, municipalities say

While Alberta's 2023 budget upped spending significantly, it leaves municipalities with a lingering infrastructure deficit that won't be erased by the incoming fiscal framework, says Alberta Municipalities.

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