New podcast AI4Society Dialogues launches

There's a new podcast in town, and it's all about this question: How will AI shape society and how will society shape AI?

AI4Society Dialogues is produced by Katrina Ingram on behalf of AI4Society, a signature research area at the University of Alberta, and the Kule Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS). It introduces listeners to some of the researchers "who are constructing and using AI in ways that will shape our world."

In the first three episodes, you'll be able to hear Dr. Jonathan Schaeffer talk about the University of Alberta computer science department, Dr. Michael Bowling share "how he has applied his love of AI and passion for games in his world-class research into poker," and Dr. Cathy Adams cover "the realm of education and how technologies, including AI, are fundamentally reshaping what (is taught) and (how people learn)." 

AI4Society Dialogues A new podcast called AI4Society Dialogues launches Jan. 12. 

"What struck me most about making this show, is that AI really will inform and touch every area of our lives. I understood that in a theoretical way going into the project, but in doing this deeper dive I confronted this idea at a more personal level," said Ingram in a blog post about making the podcast.

Check out the trailer and listen to the first episode on Jan. 12 here.