TalkMaze CEO to represent Edmonton innovation community internationally

TalkMaze founder Ghalia Aamer is gearing up for a busy couple of months championing her own company and Edmonton's innovation community both locally and abroad.

The 19-year-old CEO is preparing for the G20 Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance Summit in October, as well as the 2022 Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA). Aamer was also recently named to Edmonton's Innovation Growth Council, where she is aiming to advocate for student entrepreneurs.

Aamer, whose business connects students with resources to improve their public speaking skills, is hoping she'll inspire other young people to take action, and encourage the city's larger innovation community to "dream big when it comes to their businesses, to really think about making an impact at a global scale."

She attended the G20 YEA summit last year, but in addition to returning as a delegate, Aamer will also serve as a policy lead for the task force that will draft a set of recommendations for G20 leaders to act on. Her focus is on inclusion and equal opportunities.

"I hope to influence policy decisions to help make entrepreneurship more accessible to young entrepreneurs across the world," she told Taproot.

Ghalia Aamer

TalkMaze founder and CEO Ghalia Aamer. (Supplied)

She also wants businesses in Edmonton and beyond to consider the recommendations she's helping draft, and ensure they are integrated at the company level.

"A lot of change starts with companies themselves before it is implemented at a government level," Aamer said.

While the U of A business student will likely be attending the Italy-based summit online due to COVID-19 restrictions, Aamer may get to travel for the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards in 2022.

"The funding, exposure, and mentorship we get from this opportunity is invaluable. Propelling TalkMaze forward is all about building a community that champions our mission and the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards are helping us do exactly that," she said. "We also received $10,000 in funding from winning the nationals and have a chance at a lot more funding at the global finals."