On the agenda: Budget motions, ward boundaries, and waste services

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This week, utility committee meets on Jan. 30, and city council meets on Jan. 31, with a continuation scheduled for Feb. 1 if needed. Here are some of the key items on the agenda:

  • City council has 24 motions pending to deal with at its meeting on Jan. 31, the majority of which resulted from the 2023-2024 budget process. Among them are requests for information about various fines, a proposal to halt the sale of any new surplus school sites pending review, a report on the implications of "transitioning the Edmonton Valley Zoo out of our municipal assets," increased funding for REACH Edmonton, and a report outlining options for a multi-year dedicated climate levy.
  • Bylaw 20304, which is ready for first reading only, would move the Calgary Trail South neighbourhood from Ward Karhiio to Ward papastew to align the municipal ward boundary with the ward boundaries of the Edmonton public and Catholic school divisions. No other changes are proposed before the next election.
  • A proposed replacement of the Waste Services Bylaw will help facilitate the source separation of waste for apartments, condominiums, and other residential buildings that receive communal collection. It will also remove the requirement for certified compostable bags for the organics cart — "any paper or plastic bag can be used in the organics cart once the bylaw is passed."
Organics bin and recycling on the street

A food-scraps cart sits alongside a blue bag for recyclables. City of Edmonton

Here are some of the other new agenda items:

  • Proposed changes to the Sanitary Servicing Strategy Fund plan would remove the SW5 trunk segment and replace the SW6 and SW7 trunk segments with the addition of a pump station and force-main system in the Riverview area.
  • EPCOR will present its 2023 Water, Wastewater, and Drainage Services operational plan and a process and timeline for the 2025-2029 renewal of drainage and wastewater treatment performance-based rates.
  • Council has some minor adjustments to its 2023 calendar to review and approve, mainly related to the agenda review committee.
  • Community and public services committee recommends approval of more than $323,000 in operational grants for heritage organizations.
  • Executive committee recommends approval of the sole source agreement with Ledcor for the construction of the $26.5 million 103A Avenue pedway from Churchill LRT station to Station Lands.
  • Executive committee recommends approval of an exemption to the Revolving Industrial Servicing Fund policy for the Maple Ridge Owners group.
  • Bylaw 20347, to allow for the 2023 annual and supplementary Business Improvement Area (BIA) assessment and taxation of businesses operating within a BIA, is ready for three readings.
  • Bylaw 20356, a $126.9-million borrowing bylaw for the William Hawrelak Park Rehabilitation project, is ready for first reading only.
  • Bylaw 20376, a $200-million borrowing bylaw for the High Level Bridge Rehabilitation project, is ready for first reading only.

Meetings are streamed live on YouTube on the Chamber channel and River Valley Room channel.