On the agenda: Budget adjustments, police accountability, and encampment response

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This week, city council will meet on April 17. There's also a non-regular city council meeting on April 19, and a special audit committee meeting on April 21. Recruitment for various boards and committees continues with non-regular meetings of community and public services committee and executive committee on April 18, and urban planning committee on April 19.

Here are some of the key items on the agenda:

  • The 2023 spring supplemental operating budget adjustment proposes budget changes that would maintain the 4.96% tax increase approved in December 2022. Adjustments include a $5.8 million increase in tax revenue due to assessment growth, the removal of budgeted costs for withdrawing from the Edmonton Metro Transit Services Commission, and other impacts arising from changes to economic forecasts and federal and provincial budgets.
  • Responding to a city council motion from October 2022, the Edmonton Police Commission has brought forward recommendations to enhance reporting and accountability. The recommendations include: the establishment of an independent third party to manage alleged breaches of the commission's code of conduct, conflict of interest, and oath of office policies; changes to the police commission bylaw to allow non-commissioners to serve on standing committees and to allow the commission to establish advisory committees; and advocacy for provincial legislation changes to make the chair full-time.
  • The city's enhanced encampment response plan will be considered by city council, with a motion on the floor from Coun. Aaron Paquette that would direct administration to develop a prototype to "create bridge pathways from homelessness to housing and recovery."
An Edmonton Police Service cruiser in front of the Edmonton Police Headquarters building

City council will consider recommendations from the Edmonton Police Commission intended to enhance reporting and accountability. (Mack Male/Flickr)

Here are some of the other new agenda items:

Meetings are streamed live on YouTube on the Chamber channel and River Valley Room channel.