Ashley Lavallee-Koenig



Ashley is studying journalism at MacEwan University. Local news and your stories are her passions in journalism. She has previously volunteered as a writer for The Griff and Her Campus.

She loves to explore the river valley and hopes to find the coziest coffee spot in the city one day.

Recent work by Ashley

A woman in a white bathrobe wears a bright pink, adjustable shower cap and looks in the mirror
business technology

How one inventor's shower cap landed an exclusive U.S. patent

Local inventor Gillian Thomson has earned a United States utility patent for her Skipper shower cap and with it the exclusive selling rights in that country.

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A toddler wearing a blue puffy coat presses a button to unsuccessfully make a shelter door open on the Valley Line LRT system.
city council transit

Valley Line shelters give riders cold shoulder

Passengers on Edmonton's months-old $1.8 billion Valley Line LRT system have not been able to use many of the heated and accessible shelters at stations, features that have "never worked properly from day one," according to one observer.

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A person with blonde hair and black glasses gives two thumbs-up while standing before a domed pavilion lit with bright purples and blues.
region climate change

COP28 experience sees advocate push for curriculum change

Grade 11 Sherwood Park student Shelby Hartman says that while climate change is top of mind for her generation, there remains a knowledge gap between advocates and the general population that prevents faster change.

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A photo of Edmonton's City Hall.
podcast city council

Municipal and provincial leaders reduce homeless visibility

Aggressive encampment removals and a triage centre to connect evicted campers with supports may decrease visible homelessness for now, but much work remains to deal with the problem that prompted Edmonton's city council to declare a housing and houselessness emergency.

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A group of people stand on the side of a road holding signs. One reads "Housing is a Human Right"; another reads "Shelters Are Not A Home."
city council shelters

The numbers and realities of Edmonton's shelter system

Here's a look at what we know about the supply of shelter space and the factors that affect demand.

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A man in a blue sweater and blue jeans is sitting in a wheelchair as he speaks to a woman with blonde hair, wearing a blue blazer
arts health

How one advocate pushes docuseries to next level

CBC Gem's PUSH is set to return for a second season on Jan. 14 and Zachary Weeks has worked behind the scenes to ensure all the marketing for the docuseries is at the forefront for digital accessibility. It's a detail that's often overlooked, he said, but something that's part of his larger work to "move the needle" on accessibility in Edmonton.

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Three men smile and stand next to each other in matching black jeans and white t-shirts that say "elev".
technology business

Elev builds student housing hub

As housing becomes ever more precarious for post-secondary students, startup Elev is building a platform that seeks to make them more attractive to landlords in order to encourage more matches between the two.

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Shelves containing canned food and a sign that reads "Tomato sauce".
education food bank

University students fall through cracks as costs multiply

Alberta has played host to Canada's highest year-over-year increases to rents in 2023, and this mixed with inflation and inadequate support has pushed many post-secondary students further into poverty, student leaders say.

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A group of roughly 20 people sit on stairs looking at the camera.
technology opioids

FentaGone creates needle that tests overdose risk

Edmonton startup FentaGone has developed a syringe that detects fentanyl and allows a user to test their drugs wherever they take them to avoid an overdose.

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