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Founder Jackson Payne wearing a Deeleeo T-shirt
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Deeleeo offers same-day delivery to help local businesses compete

As a former member of Canada's men's gymnastics team, Jackson Payne knows what it's like to start small and go big. So when he started his delivery service company Deeleeo in the fall of 2020, he welcomed the challenge to grow it from an idea into a multimillion-dollar business.

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Two smiling men stand in front of a stage with a banner and giant letters reading Plug and Play
business technology

Plug and Play Alberta grads get ready to execute

The 50 companies that were part of Plug and Play Alberta's second batch have made their pitches and had their conversations with potential customers. Now it's time for the real work to begin, says director Kevin Dahl.

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Fly and Fetch founders: CFO Victoria Celi Jaramillo, CTO Shane Brass, and CEO Shelvie Fernan
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Accelerators help startups through the 'relay race'

A little more than a year after the introduction of a suite of accelerators through the Alberta Scaleup and Growth Accelerator Program (Scaleup GAP), several Edmonton startups have found themselves moving from one to the next as they work on strengthening their businesses.

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Founders of companies participating in the Alberta Accelerator by 500 sit at desks and face a projector screen as they take part in training
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'Focus on growth': Local startups boosted by 500 Global accelerator

Air Trail, Cash 2 Crypto, The Public Food Hub Co., and Umay are wrapping up their final days with the Alberta Accelerator by 500, as they prepare for the program's demo day on March 31.

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