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A group of people in dance attire pose around a pole.
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Edmonton ballroom organization rolls out first runway

YEG Ballroom is hosting what it believes to be the first ball of its kind in Edmonton on April 27 at The Freemasons' Hall.

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A drag performer dressed in Christmas attire holds presents and poses amongst Christmas decorations.
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Lilith Fair takes Roxy main stage

A multi-hyphenate drag performer is bringing a new musical to life at Theatre Network's Roxy Theatre, something they said is a step forward for the validation of their art.

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A drag performer poses near the summit of a butte, wielding a sword, while a photographer squats to the right and takes their photo.
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Drag.Jpeg focuses lens to smash stigma and reflect diversity

A photography project that celebrates the diverse world of Edmonton drag will culminate in a set of trading cards and two events in January.

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