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A toddler wearing a blue puffy coat presses a button to unsuccessfully make a shelter door open on the Valley Line LRT system.
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Valley Line shelters give riders cold shoulder

Passengers on Edmonton's months-old $1.8 billion Valley Line LRT system have not been able to use many of the heated and accessible shelters at stations, features that have "never worked properly from day one," according to one observer.

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An LRT car moves from left to right across an urban landscape with a tall apartment tower in the background.
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Valley Line LRT begins increasing frequency

A month after the Valley Line Southeast LRT opened, trains are starting to run at the five-minute intervals originally promised for the line, at least sometimes.

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A large, yellow piece of crane machinery extends beyond its concrete base, suspended in the sky.
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Gantry crane builds Edmonton LRT differently

In a first for Edmonton, Marigold Infrastructure Partners is using a large-scale gantry crane originally built for a project in Dubai to build more than two kilometres of elevated track for the Valley Line West LRT, segment by segment.

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