Podcast pick: ESO Offstage

Podcast pick: ESO Offstage

· The Pulse

ESO Offstage offers an insider's look into the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and its community, in a year when we haven't been able to experience the orchestra in the usual way.

The monthly podcast, which debuted at the end of December, is hosted and produced by double bassist Max Cardilli. "I invite you to join me offstage," he says in the beautifully produced trailer, "where together we will discover the rapidly evolving world of the orchestra, at the intersection of art and life."

In addition to insightful interviews, you'll also hear pieces played by the entire orchestra or some of its musicians, as well as music by Edmonton composers such as Allan Gilliland. The entire show is highly professional and finely tuned, as you would expect from such an institution. Each episode also has a full transcript, in case reading works better for you.

The whole run is worth your time, but we'll draw particular attention to Episode 3, in which music director emeritus Bill Eddins discusses diversity and inclusion in music; Episode 5, a sonically stunning tour of the Davis Concert Organ; and Episode 6, a look at fiddle music with the help of historian laureate Amber Paquette, among others.