See how the municipal candidates align with you

See how the municipal candidates align with you

· The Pulse

Here's your chance to find out how you align with the candidates running for mayor and council in Edmonton's 2021 election.

Take this survey to discover how your stances line up with the candidates who have answered our multiple-choice questionnaire inspired by what we heard during our People's Agenda project.

Our matching engine will show you which candidates you agree with most; it will also let you dig into the questions that matter most to you.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • We have heard from most but not all of the candidates who are running. Our invitation to them to answer the survey remains open, and we will continue to update the matching engine until every candidate responds or the election comes.
  • We have only asked 30 questions, but there are of course many more issues that city council faces and many more reasons that may lead you to prefer one candidate over another. You can find links to each candidate's website and social media channels on their pages, which are linked to their names on our list of the 85 who are running.
  • Some candidates skipped questions because they didn't feel any of the answers reflected their position. You can see which questions they didn't answer on their pages. If a candidate hasn't answered a question that you care about deeply, there's an opportunity to follow up with them to find out where they stand.
  • Candidates for the Edmonton public and Catholic school boards are not included in the matching engine, but we will point to information about them as we continue to build our election site. That's also where you will find a detailed dashboard with election results once the polls close on Oct. 18.

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