Podcast pick: Entrepreneurs of Edmonton

Podcast pick: Entrepreneurs of Edmonton

· The Pulse

Local entrepreneurs saw many highs and lows in 2021. While some found great success, other businesses have had to overcome never-before-seen adversity. So, what does it take to start, maintain, and succeed as an entrepreneur in Edmonton?

On Entrepreneurs of Edmonton, hosts Chad Banman and Matthew Donnelly seek to answer that question.

Their show talks to local entrepreneurs about their biggest failures, make-or-break decisions, the creation of healthy work cultures, managing doubt, and more. In that way, it's similar to the Mawji Centre's Let's Do Coffee, a podcast previously recommended in this space.

Since kicking off in March of 2021, Entrepreneurs of Edmonton has spoken with Geoff Stewart from Rig Hand Distillery, Jacquie Fenske from Fifendekel, Blaine MacMillan from Cowan Graphics, and Sophie Gray from DiveThru, among others.

If you want to know the secrets, trials, tribulations, and successes of local businesses and the people behind them, you can listen to new and old episodes on Buzzsprout, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

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