Podcast pick: Better Lait Than Never

Podcast pick: Better Lait Than Never

· The Pulse
By Andy Trussler

Baggedmilk is something of Edmonton influencer. If you follow the Oilers, you probably also follow Oilersnation, where Baggedmilk and his team have spent more than 10 years breaking down everything Edmonton hockey, win or lose. He's a major player in Oilersnation Radio and the Real Life Podcast, but the New Year saw something new from Baggedmilk: his first ever solo podcast, Better Lait Than Never.

The podcast was born from the boredom the pandemic created, support from Arcadia Brewing Co., and the desire to give Oilers fans a place to vent and commiserate about their team. If you happen to be one of them, you can contribute via voice message, Twitter, Instagram, or email.

"My dream for (the show) is to give citizens of Oilers Nation a place to voice their opinions about the hockey team, or their lives in general, while also being able to explore my own weird sense of humour," Baggedmilk told Taproot. "I want this podcast to be different every time you listen to it."

His famous moniker, Baggedmilk, goes back to his early blogging days at 19 years old, where he hoped to pick the "dumbest possible pseudonym" for a bit of fun.

"Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that anyone would like what I had to say, that it would turn into a full-time job, or that people would still be calling me Baggedmilk in my mid-30s," he said.

Better Lait Than Never is available on the Oilersnation site, Spotify, and Libsyn, and will be on Apple Podcasts in the near future.

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