Podcast pick: Economic Development Matters

Podcast pick: Economic Development Matters

· The Pulse

Edmonton Global, the economic development agency for the Edmonton metropolitan region, has launched Economic Development Matters, a podcast to explore questions such as what draws people and businesses to a community and how we can build a sustainable economic future.

The pandemic has seen foreign direct investment slow down, so it's important to find new ways to tell the region's story, said co-host Brianna Morris in the blog post launching the show.

The podcast is focused on the Edmonton region, and it started close to home with an interview with Edmonton Global CEO Malcolm Bruce. But it has also talked to a Boston-based corporate site selector about incentives to attract new investment. The show is meant to be of interest to anyone interested in economic development as engaged citizens or decision-makers.

"We really want this podcast to talk about how we can work to build a strong and sustainable economy for any community," co-host Sherri Bouslama said in the trailer. "International Investment matters, economic development matters. and so this is a place to talk about those things."

Economic Development Matters joins a suite of other podcasts launched by similar agencies, such as the Business Council of Alberta's AlbertaBETTER and Shift by Alberta Innovates. (We'll also draw your attention to Bloom, Taproot's new podcast about innovation, brought to you by Innovate Edmonton. And another way to stay on top of what's going on in the region is to subscribe to the Regional Roundup.)

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